World Solar Challenge: Expected Arrivals

Above is another race chart of the kind I did in 2013 (as always, click to zoom). Data is taken from the official timing board for days 1 to 4. In this chart, the distance is horizontal, and the vertical axis expresses time, with faster cars at the bottom. Specifically, the vertical axis expresses how many hours each car is behind a car driving at exactly 97.42 km/h. Why that speed? It’s the speed which would get a car into Adelaide at exactly 5:00 PM today. None of the actual Challengers quite managed that, of course, so they will all arrive later. The expected arrival times on Thursday and Friday can be estimated by extrapolating to the right-hand axis, and the open circles on the right indicate these expected arrival times. The two race leaders should arrive around 9:45 AM Darwin time tomorrow morning, i.e. 10:45 AM Adelaide time (and I plan to be there to see them arrive). Seven other teams should arrive during the course of the day.

Note that the official timing board may contain errors – for example, Western Sydney (13) is recorded on the official timing board as arriving at Katherine at 05:43:55 hours into the race (the dot marked with a question mark), while my GPS-based chart for Sunday shows it arriving much earlier. All the other dots on this chart, however, are at least roughly consistent with the GPS data (I ran the data through a sanity-checking program). Trailered cars are not shown, although it is very difficult to work out exactly which cars are trailered.


3 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Expected Arrivals

  1. Hi Tony
    I just noticed that there is now a note at the bottom of the gps data saying if a car has been trailered.
    Of course it still needs someone to input that information so we can only hope that it is up to date.

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