World Solar Challenge: Evening, Day 4

Here are the World Solar Challenge GPS positions as at 16:24 Wednesday October 21 (Darwin time) – Day 4 of the race. Calculated road distances below are approximate, based on interpolation between the known road distances to control stops. The second road distance shown (in grey) is adjusted to compensate for GPS delays.

In the Challenger class, Nuon (3) has taken the lead from Twente (21). Among the Cruisers, Kogakuin (88) is only slightly ahead of Eindhoven (40), but that is after starting fresh from Alice this morning. Kogakuin still clocked up an advantage in days 1 to 3 that Eindhoven needs to take back. There continues to be confusion about which teams have trailered. See the tracker page, timing board, and social media for continued updates.

3 Nuon Netherlands (Nuna8, Challenger) Approx 2791 km from Darwin 92 km/h (Adjusted 2793 km from Darwin)
21 Twente Netherlands (Red One, Challenger) 8 km behind Nuon 92 km/h (6 km behind Nuon)
2 Michigan USA (Aurum, Challenger) 72 km behind Nuon 88 km/h (74 km behind Nuon)
10 Tokai Japan (Tokai Challenger, Challenger) 72 km behind Nuon 88 km/h (74 km behind Nuon)
8 Punch Belgium (Punch One, Challenger) 128 km behind Nuon 86 km/h (120 km behind Nuon)
16 Stanford USA (Arctan, Challenger) 249 km behind Nuon 82 km/h (250 km behind Nuon)
23 Kecskemét Hungary (MegaLux, Challenger) 337 km behind Nuon 80 km/h (336 km behind Nuon)
30 Arrow Australia (Arrow1-GT, Challenger) 378 km behind Nuon 77 km/h (377 km behind Nuon)
5 EAFIT Colombia (Primavera, Challenger) 441 km behind Nuon 75 km/h (436 km behind Nuon)
13 Western Sydney Australia (Unlimited, Challenger) 549 km behind Nuon 71 km/h (549 km behind Nuon)
77 Blue Sky Canada (Horizon, Challenger) 591 km behind Nuon 70 km/h (587 km behind Nuon)
17 NWU South Africa (Sirius X25, Challenger) 598 km behind Nuon 70 km/h (595 km behind Nuon)
14 UKZN South Africa (Hulamin, Challenger) 612 km behind Nuon 70 km/h (604 km behind Nuon)
47 Nagoya Japan (Horizon Z, Challenger) 674 km behind Nuon 67 km/h (668 km behind Nuon)
25 Goko Japan (Musoushin, Challenger) 687 km behind Nuon 66 km/h (688 km behind Nuon)
46 JU Sweden (Solbritt, Challenger) 714 km behind Nuon 66 km/h (692 km behind Nuon)
88 Kogakuin Japan (OWL, Cruiser) 699 km behind Nuon 66 km/h (701 km behind Nuon)
40 Eindhoven Netherlands (Stella Lux, Cruiser) 704 km behind Nuon 65 km/h (706 km behind Nuon)
11 Bochum Germany (SunRiser, Cruiser) 785 km behind Nuon 63 km/h (787 km behind Nuon)
7 MIT USA (Arcturus, Challenger) 838 km behind Nuon 62 km/h (828 km behind Nuon)
75 Sunswift Australia (eVe, Cruiser) 834 km behind Nuon 61 km/h (836 km behind Nuon)
9 Adelaide Australia (Lumen, Challenger) 848 km behind Nuon 61 km/h (842 km behind Nuon)
33 HK IVE Hong Kong (Sophie V, Cruiser) 870 km behind Nuon 60 km/h (Trailered)
45 Lodz Poland (Eagle One, Cruiser) 883 km behind Nuon 60 km/h (Trailered)
32 Principia USA (Ra 9, Challenger) 903 km behind Nuon 59 km/h (903 km behind Nuon)
80 Beijing China (Sunshuttle II, Challenger) 910 km behind Nuon 59 km/h (906 km behind Nuon)
51 Kanazawa Japan (Golden Eagle 5.1, Challenger) 910 km behind Nuon 59 km/h (907 km behind Nuon)
12 Cambridge United Kingdom (Evolution, Challenger) 955 km behind Nuon 58 km/h (Trailered)
28 Singapore Singapore (SunSPEC4, Cruiser) 957 km behind Nuon 58 km/h (Trailered)
36 Anadolu Turkey (Sunatolia 2, Challenger) 996 km behind Nuon 56 km/h (993 km behind Nuon)
38 Tehran Iran (Persian Gazelle III, Cruiser) 997 km behind Nuon 56 km/h (Trailered)
35 Minnesota USA (Eos, Cruiser) 1021 km behind Nuon 55 km/h (1023 km behind Nuon)
82 KUST Korea (Baek-Ho, Challenger) 1067 km behind Nuon 53 km/h (1065 km behind Nuon)
31 ITS Indonesia (Widya Wahana V, Cruiser) 1094 km behind Nuon 53 km/h (Trailered)
20 Houston USA (Sundancer, Adventure) 1119 km behind Nuon 52 km/h (Withdrawn)
34 Liberty USA (Solis Bellator, Adventure) 1153 km behind Nuon 51 km/h (Withdrawn)
15 Solaris Turkey (DesTech Solaris, Challenger) 1258 km behind Nuon 47 km/h (Trailered)
43 Ardingly United Kingdom (Ardingly Solar Car, Cruiser) 1291 km behind Nuon 174 km/h (Trailered)
18 EcoPhoton Malaysia (Stingray, Challenger) 1292 km behind Nuon 63 km/h (Trailered)
26 Durham United Kingdom (DUSC2015, Challenger) 1295 km behind Nuon 46 km/h (Trailered)


4 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Evening, Day 4

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  2. If i’m correct, Nuon Solar Team is just 3,6 km short of there last stop in the 2013 race.,138.2159253/-33.5156787,138.1889501/@-33.5220831,138.1807962,14z
    Team Twente is only 12,5km behind, depending on time gap in which they can stop around 17.00 could it be a bit more or less,138.1626323/-33.5156787,138.1889501/@-33.4752168,138.1829527,17498m/data=!3m1!1e3

    Only 166 km to the finish line (Twente). Can they overtake 1 more time and stay in the lead?
    Traffic is higher and dual road starts at Port Wakefield (only 74 km from the finish line)
    So there average speed should be around 9 km/h higher then Nuon Solar Team.

    Al assuming that the timed Finish line is here'37.8%22S+138%C2%B034'51.4%22E/@-34.7271689,138.5803928,269m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=nl
    Hint i got in 2013 (, quick glance at did not clear it to me.

    Some nice grafic for that Tony?

    • The route notes do not mention a timed finish line outside Adelaide, and I am assuming there isn’t one this year, although I haven’t been able to get a confirmation on this from WSC.

      I have just posted a graphic with a very rough ETA prediction (I could do better if I used GPS data, but I need to sleep).

  3. I did not notice if the teams moved after 5pm yesterday so I could be barking up the wrong tree here. However, if the teams are camping in their finishing positions then Nuon are a bit further down the road than you suggest.

    The route notes have Redhill at 2848km and the Port Broughton turn at 2839km. Nuon are at approx 2/3 distance between the two so should be at around 2845km.

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