This blog will be a collection of interesting facts, ideas, and images from the shores of that vast ocean called “Science.” I hope you’ll find them interesting.

I am a consultant and writer in several areas of applied mathematics. You can find me on LinkedIn here, or find my professional publications here. I previously blogged at Human Science Explored.

See this explanation of the header images on this blog, click the Blogroll tag for my blogroll, see this map of solar-system posts, look at my index of museum reviews, or check out my posts on kitchen chemistry.

Book reviews on this blog use the following, rather conservative, rating system:

All blog content is © Anthony Dekker, except where indicated.

My email address, for those who need to contact me, is my-surname at ACM dot org.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anthony,
    I just found your image of the mineral collection at the South Australian Museum… do you by any chance have this available in high resolution?
    Would you be interested in licensing the image to us for use in our documentary?
    Many thanks,
    Jodie Passmore

  2. Hello Anthony,
    I followed your instructions on NetLogo GIS extension, copies the first batch to the NetLogo Sample Models GIS. There is an error message on the “area”. How to calculate the area?
    Thank you in advanced

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. I wrote my own tutorial on the NetLogo GIS extension. This is completely separate from the NetLogo GIS Sample Model (although it uses the data folder from that model). Questions about the NetLogo sample models should be addressed to the authors of those models. However, if there is something in my code that doesn’t work, I’ll attempt to provide assistance.

  3. Tony, I wanted to thank you for providing a lot of valuable info and updates on Solar Racing, especially since Jeroen unfortunately had to withdraw from the scene.
    I like the rest of your stuff too btw.

  4. Hi Tony,
    I saw https://scientificgems.wordpress.com/2017/01/19/world-solar-challenge-2017-team-list/ .
    So, i’ve wanted to inform to you our solar car team.
    My name is Mert. I’m studying at Istanbul Technical University and I am interested in a social media at ITU Solar Car Team. Moreover, we will come to WSC2017 with B.O.W(Bees on Wheels) Istanbul. You can see on our social media accounts if you want it. Anyway, See you in October Tony :))


  5. Hello Anthony!
    I wonder if you still have the data for The World Solar Challenge altitude diagram you posted 14th September : World Solar Challenge: route notes.
    Best regards

    • Those were only estimates, I’m afraid, based on a very crude version of the route and on a raster with altitudes on it. It wasn’t really good for more than that simple picture. I was going to try for something better for next WSC (hopefully the organisers will release a digital route).

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