6 thoughts on “The NetLogo GIS extension: a tutorial

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  3. Thank you for your information. i am trying to make evacuation model by using Letlogo. Before seeing your article, I just used ‘import-pcolor’. And I realize that it must need GIS data to make better agent-based model.

      • I am working on an evacuation model for a building. I used shape file and vectordataset for setting up the environment. What is your suggestion for generating the environment?
        Also, I got a problem with the gis:apply coverage primitive. It gives a runtime error. “Extension exception: not a vectordataset ”
        Do you know any solution for this?
        I can send you both shap file and the netlogo code, if you need.

      • The error “Extension exception: not a vectordataset” may mean that you have a raster file rather than a vector file. As to generating the environment, it depends on your goals for the simulation.

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