World Solar Challenge: scrutineering days 2 to 4

Green ticks in this updated table show the 32 World Solar Challenge cars which have passed static scrutineering as at Fri 22:23 (Darwin time).

The table also has links to photos and to team social media. The third column of the table shows the car class (or, for Cruisers, the number of seats). For more detailed information about the teams, see my annotated teams list. This video explains the scrutineering process, the official WSC social media feeds ( ) provide updates, and there is a (somewhat delayed) official table here.

2 Cha Michigan  – see photo
3 Cha Nuon  – see video
4 Cha Antakari  – some penalty time imposed
5 2-st Singapore  – see photo
7 Cha Adelaide  – see photo
8 Cha Punch  – see photo
9 4-st PrISUm  – see photo
10 Cha Tokai  – see photo
11 4-st Bochum  – see photo
12 Cha Cambridge  – tragically, Cambridge is out of the race
14   3-st Flinders  – see photo
15 Cha WSU  – see photo
16 Cha Stanford  – see photo
18 Cha EcoPhoton  – some penalty time imposed
20 Cha Durham  – see photo
21 Cha Twente  – see photo
22 Cha MDH  – see photo
23 4-st Tehran  – car did not arrive, due to shipping problems
25 Cha Nagoya  – see photo
28   Cha KNUT  – see photo
30 2-st Arrow  – see photo
32 Cha Principia  – see photo
34 Cha RVCE  – this car seems to have failed scrutineering
35 2-st HK IVE  – see photo
37 Cha Goko  – some penalty time imposed
38 Cha NWU  – see photo
40 5-st Eindhoven  – see photo
42   2-st TAFE SA  – see photo
43   Cha ANU  – some penalty time imposed
45 5-st Lodz  – see photo
46 Cha JU  – some penalty time imposed
49   2-st Siam Tech  – see photo
52 Adv Illini  – see photo
53 Adv Choctaw  – car did not arrive, due to shipping problems
70 Cha Aachen  – see photo
71 Cha ITU  – see photo
75 4-st Sunswift  – see photo
77 Cha Blue Sky  – see photo
82 Cha KUST  – some penalty time imposed
88 Cha Kogakuin  – see photo
94 2-st Minnesota  – see photo
95   2-st Apollo  – see photo


8 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: scrutineering days 2 to 4

  1. Twente, although super active on reporting on scrutineering, has not mentioned what they have failed to pass thus far. Any idea what is holding them up?

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