World Solar Challenge: scrutineering in progress

Dark squares in this table show the cars in the World Solar Challenge which have been scheduled for scrutineering up to Tuesday Oct 3. Light squares show teams scheduled for Wednesday Oct 4. Green ticks show teams that have passed static scrutineering. There are also links to photos and to team social media. The third column of the table shows the car class (or, for Cruisers, the number of seats). For more detailed information about the teams, see my annotated teams list. Blogger MostDece has posted the complete scrutineering schedule, and this video explains the scrutineering process.

2 Cha University of Michigan 
3 Cha Nuon Solar Team 
4 Cha Antakari Solar Team 
5 2-st Singapore Polytechnic  – see photo
7 Cha Adelaide University 
8 Cha Punch Powertrain Solar Team 
9   4-st Iowa State University (PrISUm) 
10 Cha Tokai University 
11   4-st Bochum University of Applied Sciences 
12 Cha Cambridge University  – tragically, Cambridge is out of the race
14 3-st Flinders University  – see photo
15 Cha Western Sydney Solar Team  – see photo
16 Cha Stanford Solar Car Project 
18 Cha MARA University of Technology / EcoPhoton  – see photo
20 Cha Durham University  – see photo
21 Cha Solar Team Twente 
22   Cha MDH Solar Team  – battery problems
23   4-st University of Tehran  – no car yet
25 Cha Nagoya Institute of Technology  – see photo
28 Cha Korea National University of Transportation  – see photo
30   2-st Clenergy Team Arrow 
32 Cha Principia Solar Car Team  – see photo
34 Cha R.V. College of Engineering 
35 2-st Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education  – see photo
37 Cha Goko High School  – see photo
38 Cha North West University 
40   5-st Solar Team Eindhoven 
42   2-st TAFE SA 
43 Cha Australian National University 
45 5-st Lodz Solar Team  – see photo
46 Cha JU Solar Team 
49   2-st Siam Technical College 
52 Adv University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
53   Adv Mississippi Choctaw High School  – no car yet
70 Cha Sonnenwagen Aachen 
71 Cha Istanbul Technical University  – see photo
75 4-st University of New South Wales / Sunswift  – see photo
77 Cha University of Toronto / Blue Sky  – see photo
82 Cha Kookmin University Solar Team  – see photo
88 Cha Kogakuin University  – see photo
94   2-st University of Minnesota 
95   2-st Kaohsiung / Apollo 

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