WSC: Camping Sunday night

The map above (click to zoom) shows raw GPS positions (teams have stopped for the night, so there is no movement to extrapolate). The table below shows team numbers, raw road distance from Darwin, class (or number of seats for Cruiser class), team name, and team social media links. For a live map of raw GPS data, see the official tracker. I look forward to another exciting day tomorrow!

3 625 km C Nuon  photo
10 605.9 km C Tokai  photo
21 600.2 km C Twente  day 1 status
15 589.1 km C WSU  photo
25 589 km C Nagoya  photo
8 589 km C Punch  photo
88 588.9 km C Kogakuin  photo
2 588.9 km C Michigan  photo
16 588.9 km C Stanford 
77 536 km C Blue Sky 
46 535.9 km C JU 
40 532.8 km 5 Eindhoven  camping
32 503.5 km C Principia 
11 502.5 km 4 Bochum  – problems
4 496.7 km C Antakari 
95 496.7 km 2 Apollo 
35 496.7 km 2 HK IVE 
70 490.6 km C Aachen 
30 487.2 km 2 Arrow  photo
75 457.6 km 4 Sunswift  camping
94 457.6 km 2 Minnesota 
37 422.7 km C Goko 
45 422.6 km 5 Lodz 
71 422.1 km C ITU 
38 421.4 km C NWU  speed-limited
82 421.3 km C KUST 
43 408 km C ANU  trailered
9 382.5 km 4 PrISUm 
5 363.2 km 2 Singapore 
42 318.1 km 2 TAFE SA  trailered
20 316.2 km C Durham  video
18 316.1 km C EcoPhoton  trailered
28 316 km C KNUT  trailered
52 315.8 km A Illini  – problems
22 311.5 km C MDH  – problems
7 253.9 km C Adelaide  problems

Nuon overtakes Tokai on Day 1


4 thoughts on “WSC: Camping Sunday night

  1. Good summaries!
    Despite the apparent tracker position Twente think they are in 4th place.
    So both Twente and Punch had their small issues they had to fix on the side of the road which explain some of the position changes. So far WSU and Nagoya doing better than we expected and Kogakuin and Aachen a bit less.
    Nuon report they are using a handle to tilt their array quicker than the competition at the control stops which has gained them some time.
    Twente apparently already had a close encounter with a kangaroo (not Punch’s) which they could just dodge by moving into the other lane.
    The battle of the mono-hulls so far is in favour of Tokai; maybe the weight advantage is more important than the array even though the very high temperatures today should have been better for the MJ-arrays.
    But it is still early; looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

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