WSC: The Cruiser class

The chart below (click to zoom) shows the current state of play for the WSC Cruiser class, using data from the official website (although it seems to me that there are some roundoff errors in those numbers). Each team has three coloured bars: first the number of person-kilometres (black icons show occupied seats and white icons empty seats), then the energy usage (number of charges, which is 1, times battery capacity), and finally the overall score (which is the ratio of those two numbers). The black number in the final bar shows the ranking. All bars are scaled to a percentage of the maximum. It can be seen that Eindhoven has a solid lead (and they will display their own performance in detail here).

15 thoughts on “WSC: The Cruiser class

  1. An interesting way to display the information Tony.
    When did Eindhoven reduce the size of their battery? I’m sure that they had said that their battery was 12Kwh. There’s quite a variety of battery sizes if the table is to be believed.

    Anyway, as your chart and the WSC table illustrate perfectly, if anyone still thinks that this is worth watching as anything more than a parade and an adventure just look at the numbers.

    • I’m just going off the numbers on the WSC website. I’m not sure why Bochum and Lodz had empty seats, and we will see how much recharging goes on during the race.

  2. Thanks for the very clear overview, Tony. It is indeed strange that Bochum is showing only the driver without passengers. Something is going on . . .

    • Not a coincidence at all, I would think. My understanding was that Twente’s problem at dynamic scrutineering was electronic interference between their WSC-provided GPS tracker and their clever MCU.

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