World Solar Challenge: the route

As teams continue to arrive for the World Solar Challenge, here is a route map for the race. White dots are control stops.

The route here is generated by smoothing GPS position data collected in 2015, so it will not be 100% accurate.


World Solar Challenge: representing South America

A while back, I posted a map of 2017 World Solar Challenge teams. Things have changed a little since then, but Antakari Solar Team is still the only team representing the continent of South America. They have just revealed their new car (Intikallpa IV, below).

This team, from the University of La Serena, came 2nd in the WSC Adventure class in 2013, but missed the 2015 event because of a major earthquake. I’m glad that they’re back this year, in the Challenger class. Good luck, guys!

World Solar Challenge: representing Africa

A while back, I posted a map of World Solar Challenge teams. We have lost a few teams since then, which means that North West University (team 38) is now the only team representing the continent of Africa. NWU came 11th in the Challenger class at WSC 2015, and are coming back with a radical new car called Naledi. Good luck, guys!

Revised SOLAR RACING board game!

In honour of the upcoming World Solar Challenge, I’ve revised my SOLAR RACING board game (see picture above). Game play is more interesting now, as game play uses a deck of 54 cards, rather than just dice. The cards are illustrated with 16 photographs of central Australia and of previous races. If you’re interested, game rules can be downloaded from the game page (see the link in the “Downloads” section).

World Solar Challenge teams

The map above (click to zoom) shows the 45 solar car teams scheduled to race in the World Solar Challenge in October (labels for Nuon, Eindhoven, and Aachen would not fit, but you know where they are).

Teams marked in green have already revealed their car, while teams marked in white are still finishing construction (or just being very secretive). Best of luck to all the teams!