WSC: Tuesday night

The end of WSC race day 3, and it’s been absolute carnage. There are only 6 cars left in the Cruiser class, and it’s difficult to compare their scores since they haven’t all travelled the same distance (Eindhoven is well ahead, though). In the Challenger class, we are down to 15 cars. I will give some further analysis on them in my next post. However, it’s beginning to look like the new rules might have been a step too far for many teams.

The map above (click to zoom) shows raw GPS positions (teams have stopped for the night). The table below shows team numbers, raw road distance from Darwin, class (or number of seats for Cruiser class), team name, team social media links, and some links to pictures or videos. Adventure-class teams are included. For a live map of raw GPS data, see the official tracker.

3 1915.1 km C Nuon  video
2 1817.7 km C Michigan 
21 1804.2 km C Twente  video
10 1785.9 km C Tokai  – see next post
8 1783.1 km C Punch 
75 1637.6 km A Sunswift  Adventure
11 1634 km 4 Bochum 
40 1583.7 km 5 Eindhoven  photo
88 1551.7 km C Kogakuin  – see next post
15 1551.7 km C WSU  – see next post
30 1531.9 km 2 Arrow 
28 1497.5 km A KNUT  Adventure
43 1497.4 km A ANU  Adventure
95 1497.2 km 2 Apollo 
42 1497.1 km A TAFE SA  Adventure
38 1497 km A NWU  Adventure
53 1494.8 km A Choctaw  – Adventure
18 1493.1 km A EcoPhoton  Adventure
22 1490.4 km A MDH  Adventure
35 1490.4 km 2 HK IVE 
94 1477.7 km 2 Minnesota 
4 1424.6 km C Antakari 
77 1398.8 km C Blue Sky 
25 1398.8 km C Nagoya  – see next post
9 1398.8 km A PrISUm  Adventure
46 1398.8 km C JU 
16 1372.5 km C Stanford 
70 1367.3 km C Aachen 
37 1358.9 km A Goko  – Adventure
45 1358.8 km A Lodz  Adventure
5 1358.8 km A Singapore  Adventure
82 1358.8 km A KUST  Adventure
20 1358.7 km A Durham  Adventure
32 1338.7 km C Principia 
52 1299.7 km A Illini  Adventure
49 1299.6 km A Siam Tech  Adventure
71 1278.5 km C ITU 
7 1072.3 km A Adelaide  Adventure

Eindhoven and Bochum at Barrow Creek

5 thoughts on “WSC: Tuesday night

  1. It has not been uncommon in previous years for teams at the bottom to trailer their solar car to the next stop leaving them incomplete on distance at the end but still listed in the final results in the adventure class.

    3.29.1 Teams unable to maintain a minimum speed of 60 km/h on the open road or unable to drive to the next control stop before it closes must stop and transport their solar car forward to the next open control stop to get further instructions from the Clerk of the Course.
    3.29.2 The Clerk of the Course may allow the team to continue in the (non-competitive) Adventure class.

    The poor weather predicted for tomorrow might cause some extra problems for several teams though

    • In the past, trailered teams still competed, but based on how many solar km they had done. Moving trailered teams to Adventure class is new this year.

  2. You are showing Apollo ahead of IVE but WSC say that IVE have made Alice and Apollo have not.

    Looking closely at the map I’d say they are in pre-arranged camp sites IVE went backwards and Apollo forward. Either way, they have to cover 1530km in 22 or 21.5 hours at around 70 kph.

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