A Street Through Time: a book review for Children’s Book Week

A Street Through Time, illlustrated by Steve Noon

In honour of Children’s Book Week, here is a look at a classic children’s book – A Street Through Time, from Dorling Kindersley. The strength of this book lies in the wonderful two-page spreads by Steve Noon. For example, this night-time plague scene:

Relationships between corresponding places at different times are particularly interesting in this book. For example, the high ground occupied by a Roman fort later holds a castle, which is then destroyed:

Several other structures also go through transformations over the centuries, as do the people, and it is these transformations that provide the young reader with a sense of change over time.

Although the genre here is history/archaeology, there are many great ideas here for children’s science books – an area in which Dorling Kindersley also has several excellent offerings.

* * * * *
A Street Through Time, illlustrated by Steve Noon: 5 stars


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