Marching for Science #2

The March for Science is coming up soon. Above is a recent wordcloud for the @ScienceMarchDC Twitter feed. The focus of the march does not yet seem to have stabilised, and controversies continue to rage.

Some scientists have pulled out of the event and, as far as I can tell, there has been a shift to criticism of science itself, particularly with regard to intersectionality and diversity issues (“inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are central to the mission and principles of the March for Science”). However, climate change is also a topic of concern, as are genetic engineering, and Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The march will be held on Lenin’s birthday.


2 thoughts on “Marching for Science #2

  1. Appropriate perhaps that it will be held on the birthday of that great proponent of freedom, Comrade Lenin. Hopefully the organisers will be awarding the Lysenko Medal for political correctness in scientific matters.

    • The March, it seems to me, is yet another “virtue signalling event,” and has all the problems of such events. Most significantly, from the “other side of the fence,” it just reinforces stereotypes that people already have. In that sense, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be counterproductive.

      After all, what is the average blue-collar Republican voter going to see at this march? The usual crowd of government-supported leftists, spouting social-justice rhetoric, and demanding more tax dollars going into their pockets. That’s not going to be a terribly popular message. There are other, better, ways of arguing for more government science funding.

      The link to Lenin is tenuous, but people have already started pointing it out. The choice of day for the March is just another example of the tone-deafness of the Democrat establishment in the USA, which is what lost them the election. Any change to the new political status quo in the USA is going to require people talking less and listening more, it seems to me.

      As for climate change, I’ve commented elsewhere on how that looks to the average voter.

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