European Solar Challenge: the field

Below (click to zoom) is the field of cars for the 24-hour iLumen European Solar Challenge to be held at Circuit Zolder in Belgium on 18–20 September, along with national flags (some cars are still under construction). The first 15 photographs are mine (taken at WSC). See this page for team details and further iESC information.

Edit 1: due to EU travel restrictions, a serious question mark hangs over participation by Colombia and Turkey. Social media suggests that the two registered Colombian teams do not intend to participate. The two Turkish teams appear ready to participate, should there be a last-minute relaxation of entry restrictions.

I have some doubts in my mind about Futuro (Italy), since they have not discussed participation on social media, and do not seem to have completed their vehicle (however, they could attend with their old car). Ardingly (UK) are unlikely to attend, going by their upcoming events list. Consequently, the cars of which I’m reasonably confident are the 13 highlighted below:

Edit 2: I am very happy to see that Solar Team Eindhoven is now registered as well! That helps to make up for some of teams that probably will not make it.

Edit 3: Sadly, however, JU Solar Team will not make it.

Edit 4: Nor will Futuro Solare Onlus, unfortunately.

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