ASC 34: The Big Climb

The mountains, Day 5 (picture credits: 1, 2)

Well, we had the “Big Climb” in the American Solar Challenge. The mountains were beautiful, but timewise it was an anticlimax. Michigan and ETS / Eclipse slowed down a little, but some other cars actually sped up! The battles for 1st and 3rd are still quite close, as the chart for Farson shows (click to zoom). The Cruisers seem to be trying to pick up the pace a little.

On an unrelated matter, although the American Solar Challenge is far from over, I’m getting a head start on my personal Gem Awards for the race. The “Solar Car Family Gem” goes to Team 55 (Poly Montreal / Esteban) for the multiple mentions in social media of their helpfulness.

Oh, and the tracker seems to be working again. Here (unchecked and unedited) are night-time positions:

The mountains of Titan

The mountains of Saturn’s moon Titan (seen from the Huygens probe above) are officially named after mountains in Middle-earth: Angmar Montes, for example, Erebor Mons, Misty Montes, and others – including, of course, Doom Mons.

Smaller hills are named after characters like Arwen, Bilbo, and Faramir.

NASA have recently released the first global topographic map of Titan, thanks to data from the Cassini spacecraft. Sadly, the mountains aren’t labelled. It’s still really cool, though.