World Solar Challenge head to head: Korea

The World Solar Challenge is an exciting race to find the best solar car in the world. That makes for serious competition between countries. But there are also some interesting contests within countries. The most obvious is between Nuon (3) and Twente (21), who came first and second in the Challenger class last time.

Within Korea, Kookmin University Solar Team (82, Taegeuk, above) has a track record, coming 20th in the Challenger class in 2015. Korea National University of Transportation (28, Woong-bi, below) is a new team. Both teams have very nice-looking cars. Who will be the best Korean team this year?

World Solar Challenge: Team 82

82  Kookmin University Solar Team – KUST (Baek-Ho)

The team from Kookmin University in Seoul participated in the 2013 WSC, although unfortunately they had to trailer their vehicle. This year, they are back again with their new car Baek-Ho (above). The video below shows some very early prototype testing. Their university motto is “Change, Chance, Challenge,” so it would seem appropriate to wish them a change for the better and “bonne chance” in the Challenger class this year. Good luck, team 82!

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