Happy Christmas to all my readers!

The Christmas fresco above, by Giotto, shows the Star of Bethlehem as a comet (top centre). It is likely that this fresco depicts Halley’s Comet, which Giotto saw in 1301, about two years before he began the series of frescos of which this is part. This work by Giotto was celebrated in the name of the Giotto spacecraft, which observed the comet in 1986.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy Christmas (and apologies for duplicating a previous post).

Visiting Vanuatu again

I recently made another trip to the island nation of Vanuatu, which means blog-writing has been a bit thin. Above is one of the country’s many beautiful tropical beaches. I think you can see why I haven’t been writing much!

I was in Vanuatu for the 14 November supermoon, which was the closest approach of the moon to Earth since 1948 and until 2034. Below is a rather bad photo of the event, taken with my mobile phone.

Let me also give a shout-out to the friendly staff of Air Vanuatu, who did a great job in their shiny new Boeing 737-800.

World Solar Challenge: the lists

Apart from the recent scrutineering lists I have been posting, I have been maintaining and regularly updating three lists of World Solar Challenge teams for this year:

Click on the above links for more information. Entries in the lists include the following clickable icons which point to team media pages:

Scientific Gems team profile
World Solar Challenge information and data
Team’s own GPS tracker
YouTube videos
Picasa images
Flickr images
Instagram images
LinkedIn page
Tumblr blog
WordPress blog
Facebook page
Twitter feed

I have also written some more general posts, including:

Once scrutineering is done, I will be blogging about the race itself, as I did in 2013 and for the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.