A new beetle for 2014

Rentonium bicolor

The beetle above, from the North Island of New Zealand, is Rentonium bicolor. This colourful fungus-eating insect was described in the recent paper “A new species of mycophagous Rentonium (Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Trogossitidae) based on larvae and adults, and a catalogue of Rentoniinae” by Matthew Gimmel and New Zealand researcher Richard Leschen.

Who knows how many such insects are still waiting to be discovered?

A passion for Coleoptera

Wired recently reported on the fabulous beetle collection assembled by amateur entomologist Udo Schmidt, from Bavaria. Schmidt’s website and Flickr page display many marvellous photographs. Schmidt also collects and photographs molluscs.

Udo Schmidt recently turned 70. Happy Birthday, Udo, and thanks!