Blogroll: trockeneisbombe

Klara at trockeneisbombe is an early-career scientist blogging about her experiences. In her most recent post, she gives some excellent advice on scientific presentations – a very important topic!

Blogroll: PhD Comics

PhD Comics, one of the blogs I follow, isn’t just great humour; it also has a fantastic series of 2-minute PhD theses. The most recent is on defences against herbivores in Zea mays – against very hungry caterpillars, in fact. See below for the video version of the 2-minute thesis – a great example of communicating science simply and well, from Elvira De Lange and PhD Comics.

Blogroll: Assembling my Network

Assembling my Network, one of the blogs I follow, is running a series of posts about network analysis using the igraph package of R (see Part I of III and Part II of III). I’ve expressed myself elsewhere on how useful R is (the diagram below is just one example), and these posts do a very good job of explaining the network-related aspects of R.

Update 1: see also the sequels: More food web plotting with R and Part III of III. The latter post looks at the Otago Harbour intertidal mudflat food web which I have posted about before. There will surely be more posts about R and food webs to look forward to on this blog.

Update 2: this content is now also on a page at this blog, for more convenient access.

Blogroll: Lab Life

Lab Life is a recently started blog by three biology undergraduates (Elizabeth, Nicole, and Shannon) in the North Carolina State University Research PackTrack. They plan on blogging about their research experiences – which makes their blog a great resource for young people thinking about a scientific career.