Solar Car World Record

In 2020, I blogged about Brunel (then Vattenfall) Solar Team breaking their own world record to clock up 924 km in 12 solar-powered hours on the track, for an average of 77 km/h (see above).

I was busy at the time, but I need to mention that Agoria Solar Team from Belgium broke that record last month in their BluePoint Atlas, clocking up 1,051 km (653 miles) in 12 solar-powered hours on the track, for an average of 87.6 km/h or 54.4 mph (see below). Congratulations, zuiderburen! That’s going to be a tough record to beat.


3 thoughts on “Solar Car World Record

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  2. I always enjoy your posts!

    We had some special stats this year. The Raisbeck Aviation High School built a world class car.

    The RAHS car named “Jimmy” traveled over 876 laps over the four race days, a phenomenal new race record. (Laps are 1.5 miles)

    The RAHS team was clocked at 65.7 miles per hour, an astounding feat for a high school team.

    We are proud of all of our teams taking part in the 2022 Solar Car Challenge.

    Best regards Dr. Lehman Marks Solar Car Challenge Foundatiin

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