High School Solar Car Challenge 2022 Results

I have been following the (High School) Solar Car Challenge this year, mostly on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. The chart above shows the final lap counts for the event.

In the chart, stars mark teams that were on the podium last race (and these are also the teams that dominated this year). Black numbers show the number of laps for the race (official totals), and white numbers the laps each day (based on preliminary and unofficial results). Teams were also credited with between 15 and 20 laps for their video presentations (submitted before the race).

All of these high school teams can be deservedly proud of a job well done, but none more so then RAHS Green Energy Team (winner of the Advanced Division), who on day 3 had already beaten the race record of 659 laps which they set in 2019, and who finished with a very impressive total of 876 laps (1,314 miles)!

Iron Lions, in another attractive catamaran, came second, with 644 laps. Other division winners were:

  • Advanced Classic Division: Covenant Christian Academy, with 467 laps
  • Classic Division: Holy Solars (from Kent, CT, and new to the Classic Division last year), with 325 laps
  • Electric-Solar Powered Division: The Heroes’ Alliance Vehicle Technology Team (from Detroit, MI), with 308 laps

Note: these numbers, and the chart above, have been edited to reflect changes to the official website.

The photograph below shows all teams (the 39 MB original image is here). For other information, see the official website.


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