Dunsfold Solar Car Takeover

The Ardingly, Durham, and Cambridge cars, with the retired 747s on display at Dunsfold in the background (credit: Ardingly)

On 26th September, the 4 active UK solar car teams (see this illustrated list) got together at Dunsfold Aerodrome, site for the BBC television series Top Gear. The teams are:

The University of Nottingham team have previous experience with their sister project in the Formula Student competition. Their solar car is still being completed, but they showed off their racing car, Frankie (credit: UoN team)

During the day, the three solar cars ran slaloms and figure eights, and exchanged experiences in a spirit of friendly competition.

DUEM’s Ortus from the chase car (credit: DUEM)

At a time when Covid prevented the UK teams from participating in International competitions, this event did much to keep the solar car spirit alive, so I am glad that DUEM organised it.

Three solar cars and four teams (credit: DUEM)


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