European Solar Challenge laps

Supplementary to my charts of iLumen European Solar Challenge results, the chart above shows lap timing during the race. Solid lines are Challenger class, while dashed lines are Cruiser class (Onda Solare won the Cruiser class on points). As in the 2020 event, key to Agoria’s success was stopping to recharge only once during the night. Also notice that Lodz covered 235 laps (943 km) in their Cruiser without stopping to recharge at all.

European Solar Challenge results

The iLumen European Solar Challenge is over. Challenger Class results are shown above, and Cruiser Class results below. The heights of the bars show points allocated in the various categories. Twente was third overall on points in the Challenger Class, although a very close second in terms of laps (344).

A number of teams had some unfortunate problems, and the Cruisers from Eindhoven and PUT Solar Dynamics were not able to hit the track at all. For pictures, see team social media (see my list of teams) or iESC social media at        (click on the icons).

Update: see also this lap chart.

European Solar Challenge begins

The iLumen European Solar Challenge is on again at Circuit Zolder (located roughly in the centre of the triangle formed by the nearby cities of Leuven, Eindhoven, and Aachen). The 24-hour track race starts at 13:00 on the 18th, with sunset at 19:45 that evening and sunrise at 07:20 the next morning, and with the race continuing until 13:00 on the 19th (see chart above). The race begins with a Le Mans-style start. The track is 4.011 km long.

For fans at home interested in the weather, check the forecast. Also, at the top of this page is a webcam nearby, looking west, towards the Zolder racetrack. This webcam is at the track itself (with a view of the “Kleine Chicane,” looking roughly north from just about the centre of the track). I have already posted a list of teams.

Follow the official race news feed and also social media at        (click on the icons). There is also a live timing board and tracker and a provisional results page.