ASC 2021: road race, day 2

Day 2 of the American Solar Challenge road race has ended. The historical image for today (below) shows Fort Union, further down the Trail, in its present state.

The chart above (in colours taken from the photograph) shows my unofficial estimates for the overall position in the SOV class as at 13:02 MDT, the time that when Principia pulled into the Dodge City checkpoint. The chart was produced by combining the (rather spotty) GPS data with official checkpoint arrival times and other information. The situation in the MOV class is too unclear for similar estimates, however.

See also the team social media linked from my illustrated teams list, or the official ASC social media at        (click on the icons).

Fort Union in 2006 (credit: Scott; click to zoom)

3 thoughts on “ASC 2021: road race, day 2

  1. Just curious why there are no stats out for MOV class in the American Solar Challenge Race? My granddaughter is in the UMNSVP car and texted that Freya and team were first to report into LaJunta.

    Also, I lost the ability to track the cars shortly after they left Mcpherson. Is it something I am doing wrong? Trying to follow hour by hour..


    Karen O’Rourke in MN.

    • I have a great admiration for the MOV teams, and I would like to cover the MOV class more than I’m doing.

      But the MOV scores are complex, being based on multiple factors, especially on how the ASC organisers apply the “derating” formula to cars running slower than 35 mph. I haven’t got the information needed to estimate scores during stages, and official stats are released only at the end of each stage.

      Also the tracker doesn’t work. But your granddaughter is in a two-car race; your best bet is to follow the friendly opposition on social media (go to this list and look for 828) and compare their position with Freya’s.

    • I have posted something about MOV scoring here, but the simple story is that speed is the most important thing for MOV cars. So just keep an eye on social media, to see which of the two MOV cars is furthest ahead.

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