The High School Solar Car Challenge: Day 3

Here are the unofficial lap counts for Days 1 through 3 of the (High School) Solar Car Challenge at the Texas Motor Speedway. The symbols at the top of each bar refer to my car identification chart. Black squares next to names indicate new teams. The Holy Solars (from Kent School, Kent, CT) are doing especially well, but all the new teams have clocked up a respectable lap count.

There are several nail-biting contests going on (for 1st place in the Advanced Division and the Advanced Classic Division; for 3rd in the the Advanced Classic Division; for the entire podium in the Classic Division; and for 2nd in the Electric-Solar Powered Division). Also, I am glad to see Plano Green back on the track after having a bad MPPT.

As an Australian, it is interesting to reflect on the mix of U.S. schools participating in the Solar Car Challenge. Independent Christian schools like Covenant Christian Academy and North Tampa Christian Academy appear to be over-represented, as are non-standard STEM-focused public schools like Raisbeck Aviation High School (RAHS), and public charter schools like LISA Academy North Middle High School. Certainly, whatever RAHS is doing seems to be working!

Let me finish, once again, with an action shot, although this one is from Day 2 (click to zoom):

On the inside, the red-and-white Appalachian Spirit of the Kentucky Solar Cats (Classic Division) leads Black Widow from the MISD Shine Runners (Advanced Classic). Overtaking on the outside, Staten Island’s High Energy #5 (Advanced Division) leads the current Advanced Division leader Invictus from the Iron Lions (SCC race photo).


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