ASC 2021: 2 weeks to go

It is now two weeks until the start of scrutineering in the American Solar Challenge (27 July in Topeka, KS). I have updated my teams list with facts and pictures.

There are 13 teams still registered for the race. Of these, 5 teams (CalSol 6, Kentucky 3, Illinois State 17, Georgia Tech 49, and App State 828) will be racing veteran cars – although with various improvements. In addition, the Brizo of Illini 22, the Nimbus of MIT 4, and the Cruiser Eliana of PrISUm 9 were completed some weeks or months back. That leaves 5 teams. Of those, North Carolina 99 is continuing their experiment of gutting a commercial ICE vehicle and turning it into a solar-powered Cruiser:

SPX from North Carolina (credit)

The Cruiser Freya I of UMNSVP 35 is looking good, although still missing its vinyl wrap:

Freya I from University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project (credit)

Also, Principia 32 is making progress on their Ra XI, and Western Michigan 30 and Kansas 785 are also still busy with construction. Good luck, one and all!


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