The Cannonball Sun, Day 1

In a previous post, I mentioned American university students Will Jones, Kyle Samluk, and Danny Ezzo, who are taking their home-made solar car Pink Skies on the Cannonball Run from New York to Los Angeles. As the map shows, after the first day they are roughly 6% of the way there, in spite of a few hiccups reported on their website and on Instagram. As a bonus, they are also driving through some really beautiful countryside.

Update A: Day 2 (Friday June 25) saw the team driving from Sunbury, PA to Brookville, PA, for a total of 332.6 miles (535 km), roughly 10% of the way across the US in total (map has been edited). Some repairs were needed in Brookville.

Update B: Day 3 (Saturday June 26) saw the team driving into Ohio, roughly 15% of the way across the US in total (map has been edited again). The 24-hour forecast shows rain coming up, however, so it’s time for some strategic planning.


2 thoughts on “The Cannonball Sun, Day 1

  1. Caught you today in Ottawa, Ohio on route 224; got the whole staff at Ben Breece Harley-Davidson out to see you. Fair winds, following seas and lots of sun for a successful odyssey!

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