ASC 2021: 6 weeks to go

It is now 42 days until the start of scrutineering in the American Solar Challenge. I have updated my teams list. There are 16 teams still registered, although I do not expect the Egyptians or the Puerto Ricans to attend, and perhaps not the Taiwanese either. Of the remaining teams, 5 teams (Kentucky 3, Illinois State 17, Missouri S&T 42, Georgia Tech 49, and App State 828) will be racing veteran cars – although with various improvements. Of the 8 remaining teams building new cars, the Brizo of Illini 22 is done:

Brizo in March (credit)

The Nimbus of MIT 4 has been driving (although I have not seen solar panels), PrISUm 9 will reveal their Cruiser Eliana very soon (on 18 June), and the Freya I of UMNSVP 35 has a rolling chassis:

Freya I in June (credit)

Western Michigan 30, Principia 32, and Kansas 785 are all still busy with construction, while North Carolina 99 is continuing their experiment of gutting a commercial ICE vehicle and turning it into a solar-powered Cruiser. Good luck, one and all!


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