European Solar Challenge: update

Below (click to zoom) is my best guess at the field of cars for the 24-hour iLumen European Solar Challenge to be held at Circuit Zolder in Belgium on 18–20 September (taking into account EU travel rules and team statements on social media). All car photographs except the Swiss one are mine (taken at WSC). See this page for updated team details and further iESC information.

In other news, the long-range weather forecast is for mostly sunny weather on the 18th and 19th, but clouds on the 20th. Coronavirus rules rule out spectators, so I will attempt to give the best coverage that I can during the race (given that I am following it from Australia).

Meanwhile, teams are preparing for the race. Durham has been doing some testing at Shobdon Aerodrome, and Agoria have been taking advantage of their proximity to test at Zolder itself. The programme calls for teams to arrive at the track on 16 September. Some teams may have already left home, if they are subject to quarantine restrictions (see the latest travel advice here).

Below are some pictures from recent team social media (use the picture above to identify teams):


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