COVID-19 in the UK #3

The chart above (click to zoom) is an updated view of registered deaths in England and Wales according to the ONS up to 4 September, along with data from previous years.

The difference between the red and black lines (highlighted in yellow and labelled A) indicates deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. The scale of the deaths is sobering, although the worst seems to be over.

There was also a spike in non-COVID-19 deaths (labelled B), which seems to reflect under-treatment of cancer and other serious diseases during the lockdown. The Telegraph expressed concern at this some time ago, and I myself know people in this tragic category. Hopefully, things will be handled better the next time there is an epidemic

Recent deaths (labelled C) have been running slightly below trend, presumably because some of the vulnerable people in the community who would have died about now are already dead.

The bar chart at the bottom shows a year-to-date comparison with previous years. The white additions to the bars for previous years show an adjustment to account for population growth.

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