Farewell to the World Solar Challenge

This ends my World Solar Challenge 2019 coverage. I will begin covering the American Solar Challenge in a few months. Meanwhile, regular science content resumes.

Summary of WSC additional awards:

  • CSIRO technical innovation award: Kogakuin, for their hydropneumatic suspension.
  • Safety award: Sonnenwagen Aachen, who crashed.
  • Spirit of the Event award: Sonnenwagen Aachen, for not giving up.
  • Promotional award: Solar Team Twente, for their excellent media.
  • Excellence in engineering award: Top Dutch, for their wonderful car.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to the World Solar Challenge

  1. Thank you for all the work you have put into this again Tony. I have checked this site multiple times per day for news.
    As we discussed before, I do feel that most teams have been less generous to share their innovations before the scrutineering, which made it a bit less fun to speculate, compare and predict. The battle between catamarans and monohulls was very interesting with the advantage on the side of the catamarans. More so if the 2 front running catamarans had not been struck by disaster.
    The Cruiser class, as fascinating as it is with many new features in some of the cars, I am missing the racing element that was so exciting the first 2 editions. As far as I am concerned they should not be allowed to charge from the grid anymore and given a bit more solar panel to also have a race with camping in the Outback. There are ways to also weigh the number of passengers and the judging at the end.

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