World Solar Challenge race chart 3

A third preliminary version of my race chart (I’m using the same baseline speed I used in 2017). The right vertical axis shows arrival time at “end of timing” in Darwin time (Adelaide time is an hour later).

More tragedy as Vattenfall is out of the race with a fire. The Belgians won the event (below), followed by Tokai and by Michigan (who were delayed by a time penalty). The fantastic new team Top Dutch came fourth.


2 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge race chart 3

  1. Well that turned out to be even more interesting than I expected!
    Again we can see good reason for the evacuation regulations. I cannot fathom why teams do not build battery enclosures that can be easily jettisoned from the cars. With all of the high tech engineering they do I would think that a simple mechanical release and a bit of wire rope would be pretty easy to fabricate.
    For a few minutes it looked like the Dutch were completely cursed when Eindhoven’s Cruiser stopped running but they now look set fair for tomorrow. I’ll admit that I did not expect as many as three finishers in that class and, if it happens, it will be a great achievement by all three of them.

    It’s important that the Belgians, and everyone else, realize that their success is all down to their own efforts and not because of the fortunes of other teams. They have worked hard over the years and fully deserve their place at the table, something I’m sure that Twente and Vattenfall would agree with.
    Without wishing to Jinx them, I feel I must now comment on Durham’s attempt to be the first UK car to complete in decades, if ever? It’s a bit touch and go if they’ll make it for noon on Saturday, if that rule still exists?, but good luck to them.
    Another mention to Aachen and especially Kogakuin for keeping going. I think we all assumed that there was no way they could put their car back together so to see them moving off again this morning was a real treat.

  2. What a dramatic race.
    Two times the race leader taken out by a weird accident.
    Kudos to team Agoria because they have made an excellent car (again!) and have used their 4-wheel steering (I think) to their advantage during those heavy winds to position the car at the best angle. We will never know what would have happened if Twente and Delft had not been hit by so much bad luck, but I am convinced that Leuven would have been in the mix for the win.
    Of course I feel bad for Twente and Delft who did such a great job until disaster struck. I wish them the best to recover and learn to be back for the battle in 2021.

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