World Solar Challenge race chart

A preliminary version of the race chart I did in 2017 (non-trailered Challengers only). I’m using the same baseline speed I used in 2017, although the front-runners are much faster this year. The temporary problem faced by Kogakuin and the longer-term battery-overheating problem of Top Dutch are clearly visible.

3 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge race chart

  1. YES!!!! Your famous and very insightful chart.
    Aachen is really holding well as the first of the monohulls, but Michigan and Tokai will be pushing.

    Like we have seen before, there is a clear division between the small group of front runners and the group that is also doing an amazing job, albeit at a much lower speed. Typically we would see the likes of Stanford, WSU or Kogakuin in a mini battle in the middle, but that is not happening this time. Pity indeed Top Dutch has to keep their speed down to prevent their battery from overheating; maybe the lower ambient temperature in the south will allow them to push a bit more. Kogakuin has been recovering very well indeed.

    In general the abundance of sun shine seems to outweigh the effect of the strong head winds so far.
    Still the catamarans are beating the monohulls.

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