Sasol Race Report #7

Here are the results for the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa, as at day 7 out of 8 (click to zoom). The photo is from here (taken on day 6). The big news is the penalty of 117.4 km imposed on Nuon when a sick team member dropped their bag in the wrong van. The kilometres subtracted by the penalty are marked with light orange in the chart above, and move Nuon down to 2nd place. In my view, it reflects poorly on Tokai that they made a formal complaint about this incident, and it reflects poorly on the Sasol Solar Challenge that they imposed such a large penalty.

Nuon has some excellent videos about the race (Dutch with English subtitles) for day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6, and day 7.

3 thoughts on “Sasol Race Report #7

  1. Dear Tony, again many thanks for your coverage of SSC, a very sound source of information!

    If you are interested in data on the race, SER team´s strategist Georg has again prepared a very nice blog (in German), with a per-day calculation on energies (easy to read in any language):

    Energy was not a limiting factor this time, I would assume that SER could have covered an additional 400-500 km with a smooth race.

    Main difference to Nuon and Tokai are probably PV array and tyres, SER had to do with commercial Sunpower cells and a batch of very seasoned Schwalbe tyres (Michelin and Bridgestone would not even respond to our inquiries).

    SER-3 weights 125kg plus 30kg for the battery (in 2 boxes for space reasons).

    • Oh, I wish I’d known about this earlier! I would have done a “day in the life of SER” post.

      And SER-3 is clearly a world-top-10 car. I do hope you can take it to Australia in 2019.

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