iESC Race Report #3

Detailed results for the recent iLumen European Solar Challenge (iESC) have just been released. The two charts above (for Challengers) and below (for Cruisers) visualise the results. The “Total” bar on the left in each case is the sum of the other bars, which reflect points for the various sub-challenges. In the Challenger class:

  • Twente won, with Red Shift (which did the most laps) and also came second with the older Red One (which did almost as many laps, as well as doing the fastest lap and winning the KO chicane);
  • Aachen came third in their Sonnenwagen, having put in a good all-round performance; and
  • Megalux came fourth overall, having come third in the lap count.

In the Cruiser class:

  • Lodz won, with the highest calculated cruiser score (they also won the safety sub-challenge, about which I’ve heard nothing);
  • Bochum came second and third in their sexy SunRiser and blue.cruiser; and
  • Kratos EAFIT–Postobon came fourth overall, in their lovely solar sports vehicle, having run the fastest lap, won the regularity sub-challenge, and come third in the KO chicane.

See here for more information on the teams. Well done to everybody for coping so well with the terrible weather!

Update: And don’t forget to watch the great series of videos from Bochum.


22 thoughts on “iESC Race Report #3

  1. Tony
    First, thanks once again for your coverage. If it were left to the organisers of solar challenges around the world to cover their own events then unfortunately we would have no idea what was happening most of the time.
    I can’t be bothered to elaborate, it’s been said too many times before, but yet again we have a fantastic effort, by both the teams and the event staff, besmirched by a ridiculous scoring system. The only difference this time is that it affected both classes and not just the Cruisers.
    Thanks again

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