ASC 29: Road Race Day 2 Wrap

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This post has been updated TWICE.

Sunday 15 July (Nebraska time) in the American Solar Challenge road race saw clouds and rain, and several cars were forced to trailer. In the Challenger (SOV) class, Western Sydney crossed the finish line just before Michigan (above). Below (in the colours of an Oregon Trail campfire) are the speeds for Stage 1, based on official timings. Western Sydney were declared winners of this first stage. The two cars from Montreal are also neck-and-neck, with Eclipse (101) just ahead of Esteban (55) after penalties.

In the Cruiser (MOV) class, Minnesota and Onda Solare are the two cars left standing. Both of these cars are running about 2 hours behind the 53.5 km/h required speed, and so both are attracting slowness penalties (as per revised regulation 13.3.A). Both cars seem to have run fully loaded (2 people for Minnesota, 4 for Onda), so scoring for the Cruisers reflects battery size and the number of recharges they have done from the grid (currently zero for both, apparently). However, on a pure seats-to-kWh ratio, Minnesota (2 / 6.75) outperforms Onda (4 / 16.8), and this is why Minnesota were declared Cruiser winners of this first stage.

picture credits: 1, 2

Seven days of racing to go! … With only 12 cars, unfortunately, since Western Michigan and SIUE were unable to meet their provisional qualification requirements. However, Illini, Georgia Tech, Waterloo, and AppState are still in the race, though trailered, with partial distance credit.

4 thoughts on “ASC 29: Road Race Day 2 Wrap

  1. My guess re WSU and UM is that, like the WSC, all teams are deemed to have left the start at the same time. Unusually WSU have benefitted from their better qualifying performance although I doubt it will be a factor at the end of the race.
    Who will be the first to blink between UMN and Onda, a re-charge for either one could be decisive one way or another.

  2. Ignore my previous comment, my new guess is that the calculation shown on the stage board was incorrect and that WSU’s elapsed time was actually 11:04:22.

    • That was also my calculation. A variety of penalties are included in the official timings, and this post has been updated.

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