ASC 14: Status check

Well, the American Solar Challenge is finally here! First teams to arrive in Hastings, Nebraska were 2 Michigan, 6 CalSol, 15 Western Sydney (Australia), 101 ETS (Canada), 559 Onda Solare (Italy), and 828 AppState:

Photos from ETS (1), AppState (2), Onda Solare (3, 4), and CalSol (5, 6)

55 Esteban (Canada) also arrived and posted a nice picture of how they collect sun (the original picture allows panning):

I will update my race information page and teams list with all news that comes in. The scrutineering phase of the event begins with a team meeting at 10:00 Friday morning (Nebraska time).

The NPS National Trails Intermountain Region has also announced an #AmericanSolarPhotoChallenge, which looks like fun.


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