ASC 5: Car dimensions

Based on the official 2018 FSGP/ASC Programme, I have updated the dimension and weight information in my annotated teams list. Here are the lengths and widths of most cars (click to zoom):

Cruisers are indicated by diamonds and Challengers by circles. Cruisers are fairly large on the whole, with PrISUm’s Penumbra (team 9) being shorter than the rest. Older Challengers are at the top right, with some newer cars taking advantage of the smaller solar panels this year to be either shorter or skinnier. Here for example, is the compact little car from Poly Montreal (Esteban, team 55):

Western Sydney (team 15), on the other hand, have a longer, skinnier car:

Michigan (team 2), of course, have the longest, skinniest Challenger of all: