WSC: A quick chart

The chart above (click to zoom) is another of my classic race charts for this year’s race. Five Challengers have arrived, and two more are expected tomorrow afternoon. The chart is drawn with reference to a baseline speed of 83.89 km/h. This is the speed that would complete the race (to end of timing) in 4 days and 5 hours (that’s a substantially slower baseline than I used in 2015). The vertical axis shows how far behind the baseline cars are driving. Straight lines represent cars driving at a consistent speed. The right vertical axis shows arrival time at “end of timing” in Darwin time (Adelaide time is an hour later). Open coloured circles show simplistically extrapolated arrival times.

Update Friday: Aachen (70) still seems to be in the race. Guestimates for Cruiser arrival times are given as coloured squares. Unfortunately the WSC web site is misbehaving again, so there are no reliable control stop times for today.

7 thoughts on “WSC: A quick chart

  1. Not sure about the cluster behind WSU and Kogakuin. I read on a blog by Aachen that Stanford had trailered their car at some point.

    • Both Goko and Stanford were relegated to Adventure at some point yesterday morning and then both were re-instated. Cuer reported yesterday that at least one car put their car on a trailer because it had not been communicated to them that the control point was staying open later for them.
      The results tables shows both Goko and Aachen as not having visited Coober Pedy yet the tracker shows them both having passed through, albeit not by much and therefore probably after the CS closing time.
      If they are still in the game they both need to cover over 200km in three hours to reach Glendambo or surely they have to admit defeat.

      Stanford only have to complete about 100km to Glendambo so they should be ok.

      • Indeed Dietrich, at just past nine they are only 25km short so they are still well in. Stanford and NIT look safe as well but Goko have succumbed and have been relegated, a brave effort though.

  2. Sadly Aachen missed closing time at Cober Pedy by 10 minutes. It’s WSC: They race 3000 km and every second counts. The team is keeping up the spirit and still wants to finish without trailering. For a new team they did a fantastic job.

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