WSC: The Cruisers

The chart below (click to zoom) shows my estimated current state of play for the WSC Cruiser class. It combines person-kilometre data from the official website for Alice Springs, with the assumption that all teams recharged last night.

Each team has three coloured bars: first the number of person-kilometres, which should be large (black icons show occupied seats and white icons empty seats), then the energy usage, which should be small (number of charges, which is 4, times battery capacity), and finally the overall score, which should be large again (it is the ratio of those first two numbers). The black number inside the final bar shows the ranking. All bars are scaled to a percentage of the maximum, because the exact numbers do not matter – only the relative relationships. The rule for the final score bar is: first bar divided by second bar, then scale so that the largest result is 80%. The practicality score (out of 20) will be added to that final result.

It can be seen that Eindhoven has a solid lead. Minnesota is in second place, but Bochum is regaining lost ground. Of course, any teams that do not make it to Adelaide by the required time are out of the race. Minnesota and Apollo might have problems there.

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