WSC: Strung out across half a continent

Challengers and Cruisers in the WSC are strung out from Alice Springs to Glendambo. The map above (click to zoom) shows GPS positions extrapolated using GPS time lag and average speed. The table below shows team numbers, raw road distance from Darwin, average speed, extrapolated road distance, class (or number of seats for Cruiser class), team name, team social media links, and links to pictures or status reports. For a live map of raw GPS data, see the official tracker.

3 2394.9 km 81.5 kph 2396 km C Nuon  photo
2 2236.4 km 76 kph 2236.7 km C Michigan  update
21 2227.3 km 75.8 kph 2229.3 km C Twente  update
8 2224.1 km 75.7 kph 2226.6 km C Punch  video
10 2208.2 km 75.1 kph 2208.5 km C Tokai 
11 2082.6 km 69.6 kph 2083.6 km 4 Bochum 
40 2008.7 km 67.1 kph 2008.7 km 5 Eindhoven 
30 1980.4 km 66.3 kph 1982.3 km 2 Arrow 
38 1972.6 km 66 kph 1972.6 km A NWU 
35 1932.9 km 64.6 kph 1932.9 km 2 HK IVE 
75 1907 km 69.8 kph 1907 km A Sunswift  update
53 1886.1 km 63.1 kph 1886.1 km A Choctaw 
15 1865.8 km 62.4 kph 1865.8 km C WSU  photo
45 1838.5 km 61.5 kph 1838.5 km A Lodz 
42 1803.7 km 60.3 kph 1803.7 km A TAFE SA 
88 1798.4 km 60.2 kph 1800 km C Kogakuin 
95 1796.6 km 60.1 kph 1799.1 km 2 Apollo  photo
94 1786.2 km 59.8 kph 1788.4 km 2 Minnesota  video
9 1782.5 km 59.6 kph 1782.5 km A PrISUm  update
52 1768.9 km 59.2 kph 1768.9 km A Illini 
32 1766.1 km 60.1 kph 1766.1 km A Principia 
22 1765.9 km 58.2 kph 1765.9 km A MDH 
5 1732 km 57 kph 1732 km A Singapore 
77 1717.3 km 56.5 kph 1718 km C Blue Sky 
46 1706.8 km 56.1 kph 1706.9 km C JU 
4 1704.7 km 56 kph 1704.8 km C Antakari 
49 1700.1 km 55.9 kph 1700.1 km A Siam Tech 
25 1666.4 km 54.8 kph 1666.6 km C Nagoya 
28 1659.5 km 54.6 kph 1659.5 km A KNUT 
7 1651.7 km 54.7 kph 1651.7 km A Adelaide 
82 1647.4 km 54.2 kph 1647.4 km A KUST 
16 1630.3 km 53.7 kph 1632.2 km C Stanford 
20 1617.3 km 53.6 kph 1617.3 km A Durham 
18 1617.3 km 55.7 kph 1617.3 km A EcoPhoton 
37 1582.3 km 52.1 kph 1584 km C Goko 
70 1569.5 km 51.6 kph 1570.8 km C Aachen  update
43 1496.2 km 49.3 kph 1496.2 km A ANU 
71 1493.9 km 49.2 kph 1495 km C ITU 

Clouds! (photo: Steven Schubert)

27 thoughts on “WSC: Strung out across half a continent

  1. Good to see Goko and Stanford back in. Goko’s pace looks rather suspicious though.
    Not sure about Stanford their tracker had them covering about 20km in the first 90 mins this morning. That looked pretty terminal.

    • The time lags on the trackers can be a little deceptive. Goko looks like they stopped for some reason before Tennant Creek.

      Everybody north of WSU is in trouble with time, but it does look like sun tomorrow, so cars should speed up.

      • With an hour to go until Kulgera closes ITU,Aachen and Goko are all well out of range. Stanford are just under 60km away so could make it. But then again WSC time is flexible.

      • So what happens now I wonder? Stanford were about 10km short at 17:00, the rest were nowhere near.
        Have to sympathise with WSC – on the one hand there are people moaning about them throwing teams out, on the other they will get criticized if they bend the rules and keep them in. I suppose it just emphasizes the need to get the rules right in the first place.

  2. Will be surprised if Punch doesnt pass Twente, theyve been on their heels all days, and the distance is only getting closer. Just a matter of time now.

      • This is great for race organizers, shows that the rules werent balanced between the two cell types, and it favoured the expensive type. Also isnt great for Twente, I get the feeling that if they arent in the top 3, they wont be back (although even if they finished 2nd, it would still be a doubt). I wonder how Tony got his prediction of Nuon, Punch, Twente. Maybe he will elaborate in his next post.

      • You probably know my feelings on GaAs – shouldn’t be allowed purely because they are unrealistic for most teams.
        I’m not sure that Twente have the same pressure to succeed as they once did, I would think that 2015 bought them some time. Also did you see the viewing figures for the coverage in the Netherlands? Over 1.8 million watching!!

      • That’s the puzzle isn’t it. Conventional wisdom seems to be that MJs are better in the heat but not under cloud yet the past two days have seen Michigan and Punch improving their positions. Is it just co-incidence are or they gaining an advantage from having MJs?

    • Just saw that they mentioned the appeal for breaching the rules. I really cannot imagine that Twente got a penalty for using a white cloth but Delft did not. When there is clear footage of them doing the exact same thing. WSC should really give clarification

      • How long does “due process” take?

        And, as you say, Tokai’s photo could not be more clear.

    • Smart positioning!
      Rule 3.18.3 says: External devices intended to increase the irradiance on the solar collector or increase the efficiency of the solar collector must not be used at any time. Ground sheets used when charging must not increase the irradiance on the solar collector.
      Unless a puddle is categorized as an external device they should be OK. Creativity could be taken to the next level though by support teams creating a puddle in advance in the spot where the car will be set to charge .;)

      • Yeah, my first thought when I saw it was, why the hell didn’t they park somewhere else? Then it clicked when I saw the reflection.

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