WSC: running slower than 2015

The chart below (click to zoom) shows 2015 and 2017 timings into the first three control stops for selected Challenger-class cars. It can be seen that the new Challenger-class rules have actualy slowed things down, with the fastest cars running more than an hour behind 2015 times.

5 thoughts on “WSC: running slower than 2015

  1. Chasing pack cant seem to get closer to the top 2. Gap is maintaining at 20 minutes. Baring any strange incidents, looks like Tokai or Delft are taking it home again. What does the weather look like in the coming days?

    • Clouds may be good for the race, hopefully it rains a bit too. Its known in the Netherlands that Delft is superior when it comes to Mechanics and Aerodynamics, but Twente is better with Electrical. If harvesting becomes more difficult, the race could become exciting. Plus poor weather will help Tokai and Twente, as it takes away the advantage of GAs cells.

  2. Oh and delft had suspension issues they had to stop for. Took them 10 minutes fix. Their car looks superior to anyone else. Wil be very surprised if they don’t win.

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