WSC: Monday night

The map above (click to zoom) shows raw GPS positions (teams have stopped for the night). The table below shows team numbers, raw road distance from Darwin, class (or number of seats for Cruiser class), team name, team social media links, and links to pictures or status reports. Adventure-class and non-competing teams are included. For a live map of raw GPS data, see the official tracker. The Tennant Creek control stop closes Tuesday 12:00, and Barrow Creek at 16:00 (NWU could potentially have problems making that). There is an official WSC Cruiser class status report here.

3 1267.8 km C Nuon  video
10 1248.4 km C Tokai 
21 1227.4 km C Twente  video
2 1227.3 km C Michigan  photo
8 1210.3 km C Punch  day 1 update
88 1189.6 km C Kogakuin  photo
15 1170.4 km C WSU  photo
40 1089.3 km 5 Eindhoven  score
16 1074.4 km C Stanford  photo
11 1074.3 km 4 Bochum  score
77 1063.2 km C Blue Sky  photo
25 1059.4 km C Nagoya 
30 1050.2 km 2 Arrow  score
94 987.6 km 2 Minnesota  score
46 987.5 km C JU 
4 986.1 km C Antakari 
95 986.1 km 2 Apollo  score
34 986 km A RVCE  Adventure
42 985.4 km A TAFE SA  Adventure
35 985.4 km 2 HK IVE  score
5 985.4 km 2 Singapore  score
70 964.4 km C Aachen  photo
32 961.5 km C Principia 
75 914.6 km 4 Sunswift  score
43 914.5 km A ANU  Adventure
71 884.8 km C ITU 
82 825.8 km C KUST 
28 825.8 km A KNUT  Adventure
45 825.8 km 5 Lodz  score
18 825.7 km A EcoPhoton  Adventure
52 825.7 km A Illini  Adventure
14 822.7 km A Flinders  Adventure
37 791.3 km C Goko  – photo
9 766.1 km 4 PrISUm  update
38 734.3 km C NWU  photo
20 711.1 km A Durham  Adventure
22 589 km A MDH  Adventure
7 287.5 km A Adelaide  Adventure

Race leaders Nuon at the end of Day 2


21 thoughts on “WSC: Monday night

  1. Just a note that those positions are probably camping sites.

    On road distances at 5pm were Approximately Nuon and Tokai 1257km, Twente 1231km, Michigan 1220km, Punch 1214km and WSU 1174km.

  2. Twente reported in their press release that they were told that they will receive a time penalty for using a white sail at the first control stop yesterday. They are appealing this, as they claim they were told at scrutinising they could use it. I remember seeing Delft on the first day using a white sail too. Any word if they received the same penalty?

      • Cambridge have reported that two of the leading teams have 30 min penalties.

        Could be huge!

      • In a modern WSC, 30-minute penalties are a little high, in my view. Especially in an ambiguous situation.

      • This is really unfortunate from race organizers. Makes it hard for people to watch the race and understand whats going on if they are secretly handing out penalties. They should have a penalty page on their website, or even just put it on social media.

      • Note they say one team is appealing.

        I didn’t notice any other team overstaying at a control stop, but then I did go to sleep for a while.

    • Here’s a picture from NIT

      Although the caption says Daly Waters it is in fact Katherine.

      You can see lots of teams, including Nuon, standing on sheets, some of them white but since none of the teams have their arrays tilted I can’t really see how it would boost irradiance.

  3. If these penalties are actually enforced they will have a huge impact.
    Rule 3.18.3 says: External devices intended to increase the irradiance on the solar collector or increase the efficiency of the solar collector must not be used at any time. Ground sheets used
    when charging must not increase the irradiance on the solar collector
    I suppose somebody will have to prove that the used sheets actually increased the irradiance and/or were intended to do so. Hard case especially if the sheets were checked and approved during static scrutineering as at least Twente claims..

  4. The control stop officials have been stalling and delaying some teams as they enter and exit the control stops, for example waiting a few minutes before acknowledging that the incoming driver is trying to get their attention. They have also been switching the order of teams that arrive.

  5. Tony, thank you for your great work lifting up the fog above the cruiser class. Since you published your first chart on Cruiser Score the WSC-Website has improved their table. It is now easy to understand that battery size is a lot different from car to car. It is worth reading the cruiser class comment as you recommended. The different cruiser class strategies are starting to get interesting.

    Bochum now published more details of yesterdays breakdown on facebook (German: and also in English at Before the Breakdown at km 5, besides the failure of two motor controller also the power inverter went up in smoke. Repair took 90 Minutes. Luckily they did not only replace the power inverter but also a number of cutouts. I guess, after the repair, the car performed much better than they thought themselves. They catched up with Eindhoven, driving up to 130 km/h. They wasted the efficiency score, but came back on track to finish in time.

    So far there seem to be only three cruisers left that are able to finish in the time corridor. There is a slight chance for Bochum to finish third place over all, even if their efficiency score stays the worst in class. It surprised me that all cruisers were loading from the grid the first night. I expect Bochum to skip one nights loading at good weather conditions. Eindhoven again built a fantastic car that delivers reliable speed at all conditions. Stella Vie is definitely unbeatable this time. Arrow and Minnisota are doing really well. The performance of Sunswift and PRISUM is -so far- a bit disappointing to me, because my first impression of Violet and Penumbra was absolutely positive.

  6. Weather is going to play a role again.
    North West (border NT/SA) to Port Augusta has a forecast of 70% rainfall but probably missing the route. But winds picking up from 20-30 to 25-40 km/h in the morning.
    Tyre shredding conditions?

    Wednesday is 85% chance of rain and up (4-20mm of rain) from flinders region to Adelaide.
    So clouds are comming in, what effect will it have on the teams who use multijuntions

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