Solar Car Racing in Egypt: Update

Time for an update on the Somabay Egyptian Solar Challenge. Scrutineering was due to have begun, but apparently all the cars are still held up in customs. Hopefully the race itself will still start on the 17th. Apparently the route will run north and south along the Red Sea shore for four days, and finish at the Pyramids of Giza on the fifth day.

With luck, we will get some news from mostdece during the race, because the official Twitter and Facebook feeds are not saying much. The following three teams have active news feeds:

DE  Bochum University of Applied Sciences 

Bochum are putting up very detailed daily blog posts (in German) at Their local partners from Cairo University are active on Facebook (and, amazingly, auto-translate works well).

FR  Eco Solar Breizh 

This Breton team is active on Facebook and Twitter (click on the icons above).

NL  Nuon Solar Team 

Nuon is extremely active on Twitter, posting news, pictures, and short videos.

Update 1: apparently the race organisers have no permit to conduct the race as planned. The race will therefore be reduced to a 2-day event, running laps around the Somabay resort complex.

Update 2: Nuon has a report on the event here.


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