American Solar Challenge future rules

Future regulations for the American Solar Challenge / FSGP 2018 have been posted:

Overall, there is a continued convergence to the World Solar Challenge rules, and an uncertainty as to what should be done with the Cruiser Class.

As with the WSC, allowed cell areas are 4 m2 for Si, 3.56 m2 for thin film GaAs, and 2.64 m2 for multi-junction (5, 4.44, and 3.3 m2 for Cruisers). Rules for roll cages seem, at first glance, to still be stricter than the WSC, while rules for brakes seem to be less strict (four-wheel braking is not required). However, composite roll cages, such as Michigan had at ASC 2016, seem to be OK. Much of the Cruiser Class (Multi-Occupant Vehicle) section of the rules is still to be written.


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