ASC 2016: Day 8

Day 8, the final day of the American Solar Challenge, is a short (158 mile, 254 km) run from Scotts Bluff National Monument to the finish line at Wind Cave National Park.

News coverage from yesterday includes:

The really exciting contest today will be for 2nd place. By my calculation, Toronto/Blue Sky (77) is ahead of Dunwoody/SER (51), but only by 8 minutes. Principia (32) is 36 minutes behind Dunwoody/SER, so they could still take 2nd place as well. The weather forecast, unfortunately, is for mostly cloudy skies, and possible morning rain. For readers who want to see for themselves, here are weathercams in Scottsbluff, NE and in Hot Springs, SD.

Update: The cloudy weather means that most cars have trailered. Michigan has obviously won the race, but everything else will presumably be decided on trailering penalties. Official results will be posted here.

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