ASC 2016: Day 2

Day 2 of the American Solar Challenge 2016 road race involves running from the overnight stops to the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Vincennes, Indiana (the second stage of the race will commence from there on Monday, 1 August).

The map below (click to zoom) shows car positions as at the time indicated on the run to Vincennes (compensated for GPS lag by extrapolating positions using the speeds given in the GPS feed). The table under the map shows approximate road distances from the starting line. Michigan is still very much in the lead, but there is competition for second place.

2 Michigan 616 km (383 mi)
51 Dunwoody (Combined SER) 509 km (316 mi)
32 Principia 504 km (313 mi)
828 Appalachian State (Sunergy) 475 km (295 mi)
55 Poly Montreal (Esteban) 446 km (277 mi)
6 Berkeley (CalSol) 437 km (272 mi)
9 Iowa State (PrISUm) 437 km (271 mi)
35 Minnesota 435 km (270 mi)
17 Illinois State 415 km (258 mi)
77 Toronto (Blue Sky) 412 km (256 mi)
42 Missouri S&T 411 km (256 mi)
92 ETS Quebec (Eclipse) 404 km (251 mi)

Here is Principia (team 32) during their morning charge:

Update 1: Michigan (team 2) arrived at Vincennes at 11:02:41 AM. Here they are:

The race wasn’t all fun and games, however: Iowa State (team 9) ran into electrical problems, while the other cars continued to push on towards Vincennes:

Update 2: Aaron Frantz posted a photograph of the timing board at Vincennes. Based on that, here are my Stage 1 speed estimates, with a comparison to the 2015 World Solar Challenge (grey bars):

The sole Cruiser is shown here in green. In honour of the US National Parks, the colour palette of this chart is from this picture of Wind Cave National Park. Comparing ASC and WSC speeds, it seems likely that, had car 51 been entered in the 2015 WSC, it might have finished in the top 15 there.

Update 3: Official timings, taking penalties into account, put Principia (team 32) in 2nd place for Stage 1, followed by Dunwoody (51) in 3rd, Appalachian State (828) in in 4th, and Toronto (77) in 5th. Toronto have clearly recovered from their problems at the start, averaging 60.9 km/h (37.8 mph) on the run from Dayton to Vincennes, which is 1.1 km/h (0.7 mph) faster than Dunwoody. If Toronto keep that up, they will finish the ASC in second place – although in a race like this, anything can happen!


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