Formula Sun Grand Prix 2016

Most competitors in the American Solar Challenge 2016 are now running laps in the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. I thought it would be interesting to compare the fastest lap speeds so far (from here) against selected average speeds from the World Solar Challenge 2015:

Michigan has the fastest FSGP lap, running faster than their WSC 2015 average speed. Principia and Toronto were also running faster. The other interesting point is that all the fastest cars seem to be four-wheelers.

Note: this picture has been updated to replace an earlier one.


2 thoughts on “Formula Sun Grand Prix 2016

  1. First off: thanks for all your reporting! I love your articles and detailed reports on solar racing. But this comparision… You’re comparing a ‘fasted lap’ speed to a ‘3000km average’ speed. How’s that even remotely comparable/relevant?

    • You’re right, of course. I was trying to do two quite different (and possibly incompatible) things at once: (1) reporting on the FSGP lap times, and (2) test-driving ASC/WSC comparison code intended for the road race.

      Still, the FSGP/WSC comparison has some utility, I think. It shows that the Michigan car can, on average, keep up close to its fastest-lap speed in sustained road driving. That means that anybody who wants to beat them has to, on average, exceed Michigan’s fastest-lap speed on the track, which would be somewhat of a tall order. In general, I would expect each team’s average road speed to be less than their fastest-lap speed, by a greater or lesser extent.

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