Moving on from the World Solar Challenge

Participating in the World Solar Challenge is a great experience for an engineering, mathematics, computer science, marketing, or media student – and a fantastic thing to put on a CV. Since 1987, close to 10,000 students have participated in the race. But what comes next?

Here is a selection of nine WSC alumni who are contributing their talents to the world in a variety of ways:

  • Ian Girard (Stanford, 2009–13, Driver/Mechanical) – now a battery pack designer for Tesla
  • Sam D’Amico (Stanford, 2011, Embedded code lead) – now a hardware engineer at Oculus VR
  • Marlies Hak (Nuon, 2013, Team Leader) – now a project leader at a transport-related IT company
  • Pujith Vijayaratnam (UNSW, 2013, Aerodynamics/Mechanical) – now doing a PhD in the biomechanics of blood flow
  • Amy Gunnell (Team Arrow, 2013–15, Driver/Mechanical) – now an automation engineer in a factory
  • Irene van den Hof (Twente, 2015, Team Leader) – now an intern at a Defence firm
  • Elmar Peters (Twente, 2015, developed the SABINE system which won the technical innovation award) – now runs a small startup developing bluetooth speaker technology
  • Daniel Haynes (Adelaide, 2015, Team Leader) – now a project engineer for an air conditioning company
  • Mark Hupkens (Nuon, 2015, Team Leader) – still heading the team and taking the car to South Africa

The thousands of other WSC alumni are, of course, also doing interesting things. I wonder what the current team-members will move on to after the 2017 race?

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