The Sasol Solar Challenge

This year’s Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa is calling on solar car teams to sign up before May 1. The event will take place from September 24 to October 1 this year. Unlike the World Solar Challenge in Australia, it is a distance-based race, with a main course of about 2,000 km from Pretoria to Cape Town, and the possibility of driving additional loops up to 4,000 km or more. All the World Solar Challenge classes are permitted, plus the FIA Olympia class. Confirmed teams so far include:

Nuon Solar Team (Netherlands)

Nuon won the 2014 Sasol Solar Challenge and the 2015 World Solar Challenge. They are the clear favourites for this year’s event.

Nuon’s Nuna7S in South Africa in 2014 (photo: Nuon Solar Team)

North-West University (South Africa)

NWU came 11th in the the 2015 World Solar Challenge, ahead of South African rivals UKZN. They should do well on home turf this year.

NWU’s Sirius X25 in Australia in 2015 (my photo)

A number of other local and international teams have also expressed interest.

Update 1: Apparently Sheffield Hallam University will be there too ( ). They seem to be a new team, who are building an old-school symmetrical 4-wheel car.

Update 2: And it seems Tokai will be back in South Africa, duking it out with Nuon ( ).

Further updates here.

2 thoughts on “The Sasol Solar Challenge

  1. The phrase “up to 4,000 km or more” is a bit weird in a grammatical sense, I think, because AFAIK “up to” and “or more” are mutually exclusive.

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