World Solar Challenge: Just One More

Here, updating an image I tweeted earlier, is a comparison of World Solar Challenge control stop arrival times. Elapsed time runs vertically upwards. Twente, Michigan, and Punch are notable for running considerably faster this year.

Direct comparison was somewhat difficult due to lack of data and various changes – for 2013 (leftmost bar of each pair) I used what data I still had, and for 2015 (rightmost bar of each pair) I used tweeted photographs of timing boards.

2 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Just One More

  1. I’ve been thinking that despite Michigan’s 4th place finish, in terms of time those was their best race. This hints at that.

    • Well, 2013 was the year that Michigan had a crash (hence the very late Glendambo arrival), and IIRC another problem earlier on (hence the slightly late Kulgera arrival).

      In terms of time, they were indeed very fast this year – the top 3 were just even faster. In terms of time gap compared to the winner, yes, this probably was Michigan’s best race.

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